Microsoft OneNote as Image to Text converter

Microsoft Office OneNote  is one of the best application when it comes to note-taking, it gives a flamboyant look of your notes, includes lots of features; from recording videos to drawing, creating tables, etc. One of its feature which has been overlooked is the ability to recognize text from images. It has inherent OCR (Optical Character Reader), which immediately extract text from any image file format. So we can use Microsoft OneNote as Image to Text converter.

Follow the below steps to convert the image to text:

1 Microsoft OneNote and drag & drop any image file containing text into OneNote or choose the option  : Insert >> Picture >> From files


OneNote 1

Now right-click the image, and select Copy Text from Picture.

OneNote 2
Paste it anywhere on the OneNote sheet or paste it to any other text editor. It will automatically extract text from image as can be seen in the screenshot below.

OneNote 3
Note: If the image contains very small or concocting text, then OneNote may not extract the text properly.



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