Clean Your RAM Using Notepad

Is your PC getting slower? Need to clean your RAM? There are many softwares for making your RAM Free. But here we’ll discuss it differently in a simple way by using Notepad. After doing this technique, you can increase the performance of your PC.

Just follow the below 4 steps:

Step 1:– Open your Notepad (“Start>Programs>Accessories>Notepad” or “Start>Run>then type ‘notepad’ without comma>Press Enter”)
Step 2:– Type: “FreeMem=Space(51200000)” without inverted comma.
Step 3:– Save the notepad as “CLEANRAM.VBS”
Step 4:– Run it. And Enjoy the speed of your RAM

Note: Instead of 512, you can write 1024 for 1GB RAM or change according to your RAM



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